Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Music

While I was busy blogging last week about how cool it is to blog and thereby setting myself up for major mockery via my brother...I neglected to post some of my favorite new music. Happy music even. And after reading my brothers post, I'm gonna need to listen to some happy music.

Hey, don't worry about me...I'm pretty used to being made fun of.

"Plant Pizza Pizza." (inside joke, I'll explain it to you sometime.)

You know what else is cool besides blogging?

Having brothers who won't allow you to take yourself too seriously.

On with the happy music.

I can't stop listening to this album. It's full on happy music, even the album art is happy. I LOVE it. As well as his singles "Brand New Day" (Target totally snatched up this song for one of their commercials) and "The Lucky Ones." If you need some pick-me-up, feel-good tunes...these are the ones for you. Listen here.