Monday, December 1, 2008


Happy December! My favorite month of the year. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and I hope you did too, now we begin celebrating Christmas. My favorite holiday.

Today I will:

  • fill each pocket of our advent calendar with the name of one of our Christmas books, and that way we will be sure to read all of our favorites
  • finish putting up the Christmas decorations
  • create Christmas playlists for the children
  • make Kris Kringle for FHE tonight
  • prepare MaryAnn and Donald's prizes...for they are the giveaway winners.
MaryAnn was #16 and Donald was #26. Those were the random numbers chosen (I just couldn't stop with one winner.) MaryAnn, if you could please e-mail me your address (lomaril at aol dot com)...Donald, I already know yours :) Congrats Winners!

Now that it is December, only the Christmas playlist will remain, but you can always access my playlists here.

image via Martha