Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Love About the Last Few Days of December:

(Our Christmas picture of the kids, 2008)

  • I will put away the Christmas decorations and enjoy the simple peacefulness of a clutter free home.
  • No more Christmas music. By this time, I am SO ready to move on to new music. Enjoy the new playlist to the right. I am.
  • The kids are home, but we have no big plans. They are content to play with their new Christmas toys, and I am content to relax at home.
  • Going to movies. It seems that up until December 25th, I am much too busy to see a movie, but after...we have all the time in the world. So far we've seen... "The Tale of Despereaux" (I was disappointed, because of course, the book was much much better), and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", which I loved. Today we will take the kids to "Bedtime Stories" and I really can't wait to see "7 Pounds" and "Valkyrie."
We had a wonderful Christmas with our entire family, no one was missing and it was great. The tons of snow made for such a magical Christmas...I really can't remember the last white Christmas we had. I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones as well.

P.S. Tomorrow, I will post my favorite music of 2008...there will even be a giveaway involved.