Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today's Schedule:

I love days like today. Busy, but full of fun. Ethan and Lily have no school today and Madeline and Jocelyn have a half day. All four will be home tomorrow. Today's schedule looks like this:

7am - Send the girls off to school with Christmas music playing
8am - Breakfast and hot cocoa while watching a favorite Christmas movie
9am - Read Harry Potter with Ethan
10:30am - Teacher conferences
1:00pm - Take the kids to see HSM3
4:00pm - Wish for snow while we make paper snowflakes (Lily's been begging)
5:00pm - Serve dinner: chicken and veggie bake
6:30pm - Send family off to our school's annual donkey basketball (should be a hoot!)
7:00pm - Attend a local ADD/Neurofeedback meeting
9:00pm - Tuck children into bed and feel grateful for the opportunity to be a mother.