Monday, November 17, 2008

My Mailbox

Brandon and I have made the goal of getting our Christmas shopping done by next Wednesday. Except for maybe a few small little stocking stuffer type things, this is do-able. My plan is to do as much online shopping as possible. Just to prepare my mailbox for the rush it will soon be dealing with, I've been testing out the internet shopping process, you be prepared and such.

Some lovelies in my mailbox recently...

I purchased this "For Nie" card from this Etsy site and I love it.

The advent calendar I ordered arrived and it was such a fun package to open. I can't wait to hang it the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks Sarah!

This is an awesome handmade journal that I won a few weeks back from this bloggers giveaway. I love it and use it on a weekly basis.

All of the kids used their report card money to buy themselves new sneakers...they all wanted converse in various colors and Ethan wanted green...which were nowhere to be found in his size in town, so we ordered his from A really fun site to play around with. The kids all drooled over the design your own feature.

I jumped at the chance to own a copy of cjane classic posts. It has arrived and am pleased as punch that the proceeds benefit Nie and Christian. Buy one here.

I am now confident that my mailbox is primed and ready for the shopping rush!