Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Happy Place

( a little somethin' Sarah made that I've fallen in love with.)

As I've said before, when November 1st shows up on my calendar, my iPod gets a little makeover. Out goes the regular playlists and in goes the Christmas ones. The ones I love so much. The ones that will play over and over and over between now and December 26th. The ones that make me happy.

On a day like today when stuff had me feeling down, I just cranked up my favorite vintage Christmas tunes and went to my happy place. It's pretty much impossible to be sad or frustrated when Dean Martin is singing his happy tunes or when Ella is crooning in your ear. Just give it a try.

I've added my favorite Christmas playlist to the sidebar, and I left my normal playlist there too on autoplay for those of you who are opposed to listening to Christmas music this early (read: scrooges!) But if you want to go to my happy place, just press play, and enjoy it...because December 25th will be here before you know it!