Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So many little things...

  • I haven't featured anything Etsy for a while, but I discovered this shop a few days ago and I really love it. I think it's the paper fanatic in me. Those mini meal planners are delicious. Love them.
  • Do you think it's healthy to cry every day? I hope so, because things like this are making me weep every single day. Have you ever seen anything more precious?
  • Friday is Mitch and Nan's big Halloween Bash and every year I stress and stress over a costume. I really hate dressing up and the last two years I went without a costume, if I try that for a third year, Mitch will have me executed. My brother is such a fan of Halloween...Help! I need some ideas.
  • This year we signed up Jocelyn, Ethan and Lily for AAU basketball which means we have 6 practices each week, and 3-4 games on Saturdays. It makes for the craziest schedule, but you know what? I'm not going to complain, because watching those kids on the court is one of the highlights of my week. In Lily's first game she made 3 baskets and each time she made a shot, she would whip her head around to look at us in the stands and she had the biggest, proudest grin on her face, and so did we.
  • Have you not taken the bait to start reading the Super Hopeless Romance Blog? Why not? Do not wait another second. Just click right here to start reading from the beginning. Trust me, it's like reading a really great romance novel. UPDATE: So it pretty much is a novel...a blog novel. The author confessed today that she made it all up. Sort of disappointed, though it doesn't diminish the fact that it is still a great read.
  • And that blog has helped take my mind off of Twilight just a little bit (who am I kidding.) But then my awesome cousin Alicia posts things like this and I am lost again, in my own little vampire world, it's pathetic really. Seriously though, November 21st can not come soon enough.
  • Christmas cards. I have a firm idea in my head of what I want to do, I just need to try it out on paper. I am always so excited at this point of the process, it's towards the end of assembling the 120 cards that I start to regret the tradition of homemade cards.
  • My husband. He is the craziest person I.Have.Ever.Met. He ran a marathon last weekend in Umatilla with a buddy of his who weighs about 50 pounds more than him. While training a few weeks ago, this buddy complained that it wasn't fair that he had to carry 50 extra pounds around and that this was the reason he was so much slower than Brandon. Not one to back down from a challenge, Brandon found his backpack and loaded it with bags of potatoes and cans of food until it weighed 30+ pounds. He then proceeded to do 20 mile training runs with the backpack. CA-RAZY! I can barely lift the darn backpack.
  • I am starting the couch to 5k program this week, and my hope is that I will be able to run at least most of the Cable Bridge Run in December. Wish me luck.