Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Albums for October 1st

Some kind of sinus monster hit me hard yesterday. I barely got out of bed. But today is a new day and I'm feeling better. I've got housework to catch up on. Which means I need a soundtrack for the day. Here's the new music that will fill my home today...

#1. Songs for You, Truths for Me - James Morrison

Brand spankin' new music from one of my favorite Brits.
Early favorite: "Save Yourself"
Oh, how I love his gritty, raspy, beautiful voice.

#2. Simple Times - Joshua Radin

His newest album, he's pretty consistent at releasing great music.
Early favorite: "Vegetable Car"

#3. Apple Tree - Katie Herzig

Early favorite: "Hologram"
I've been wanting to really listen to this album for a few months now, but kept putting it off. Today's the day. Which is perfect really, because Lovely Lindsay is the one who introduced her to me, and today Lindsay put herself out there big time...did you see her new shop? I love it.

Happy October!