Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Way back at the beginning of this month (can you believe October is almost here?) I made a rather ridiculous mistake. You see, life was busy and time was precious and my big girls needed haircuts. I needed to do some grocery shopping, so I took them to get haircuts at Walmart.
I know. Stupid.

What I know now: Never take your teenage or pre-teen daughter to Walmart for a new hairstyle. A trim, perhaps, but not a new style.

Well, what followed was way too short of hair for Madeline, and some extra thick bangs for Jocelyn. Jocelyn's was livable...she pinned her bangs aside and smiled at herself in the mirror. She was content. Madeline on the other hand, was in tears. As I was trying to make something from the nothing that the Edward Scissorhands of Wally World left us with, I realized that there was only one option. Emergency phone call to Megan. She kindly fit us in. What started out as a horrible mushroom look with fringe turned out like this...

Pretty darn cute.

What I know now: Call Megan in the first place.