Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Regrets

Have you ever purchased an album, and then regretted it because afterwards, you realized there was only one or two great songs on it? Yeah, me too. Many many times. But today, I am going to share some albums that I've never regretted purchasing in their entirety.

19 - Adele. This album is playing over and over on my iPod this week. I purchased it in January, but recently rediscovered how great it is. I love every single song. But my absolute favorites (this week) are: Chasing Pavements, Melt My Heart to Stone, Daydreamer, Make You Feel My Love, Crazy for You. A Really Great Album. Listen here. Isn't her accent amazing?

Sky Blue Sky - Wilco. In my opinion, this is the best album of 2007. Yes, there was a Buble album in '07. This one is even better than his. I love it so much. In fact, today I woke up singing On and On and On. Can't get it out of my head. It seems like every time I listen to this album, I have a new favorite song...but check out: Either Way, You Are My Face, Hate It Here, Walken, and On and On and On. Listen here. I call their music "Cozy Rock." Do you think iTunes will create a new genre for "cozy rock"?

The Gabe Dixon Band - The Gabe Dixon Band. I discovered this album a few weeks ago when I was checking new releases on iTunes. A great discovery. This entire album is excellent. The band is based out of Nashville, so although they're classified as rock, they have a little country to their sound. Just the right amount of country. I love this album. Listen here.

Heal For the Honey - Brooke Waggoner. Happy music. She makes happy music. Her music makes me happy. She also makes beautiful music. Love her. Listen to: Live For The Sounds, Fresh Pair of Eyes, Young Friend, and Hush If You Must (from the album, Fresh Pair of Eyes.) Her music is Indie-Pop-Folk. My absolute favorite genres.

A Good Day - Priscilla Ahn. I owe the discovery of this artist to Nan's sister Katie. Thanks Katie. I love her newest album. Sometimes it takes several listens to really fall in love with an album, but not this one. From the very first listen...I loved it. Every song. Listen here.

Sun Giant - Fleet Foxes. I have posted about this group before, and I like their newest album, but this previously released EP is still my favorite. It is excellent. This Seattle group has such a nice sound. A little bit retro-ish classic rock. They are selling out venues across the nation, 'cause they're THAT good. My favorites are: Mykonos, Drops In The River, Sun Giant, English House, and Innocent Son. Okay, that's pretty much the entire album. Listen here.

For a music fanatic like me, the process of buying an album and then falling in love with every track is very satisfying, and my goal is to have No Regrets when purchasing music.