Friday, September 5, 2008

Farewell Summer

(cousins eating ice cream cones, Lake Chelan,
Juliya, Lily, Logan, Bethany, Alyssa, Jadon)

My blogging friend M, posted this on her blog and I loved it. It's the perfect post for today.

We had the busiest summer we've ever had. In the past, summers were lazy and carefree and we spent TONS of time at the pool. This year, something was different. As my children grow older and want to go in all different directions, this is how our summers will be.

Busy. but Memorable.

fathers and sons
cub scout day camp
released from Primary
put in as ward activities chairman
girl's camp
swimming with friends and cousins at mom's pool
Jocelyn's bunny died, so so sad.

sold blueberries
4th of July breakfast
BBQ and fireworks with family
swimming at the pool
Jocelyn's softball team won the championship
American Idol concert
Brandon ran the Grey Rock 50k near Yakima
Get together with Janell and friends
won the Angie in Shape contest
24th of July celebration
went to Brandon's 50 miler at Mt. Rainier
said goodbye to Taylor as he left for college

laid a dear ward sister to rest
had our first family backyard marshmallow roast
boating with family on the snake river
Madeline turned 13
family vacation to Lake Chelan
Marshall called me on vacation to say that baby Leila was born
Danyelle called me on vacation to tell me she was expecting #5
will never forget when Phelps won by a fingernail
Jocelyn turned 12
heard the tragic news about the Nielsons
began sincere effort in prayer
mourned with a friend over the death of her mother
fair week. sold pig. yeah!
balloon launch with family in honor of Stephanie and Christian
Madeline's eardrum burst
went to the mountains to watch Brandon finish his 100 miler
first day of school

It was a good summer, what does your summer list look like?