Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book Fair Results

One of my favorite things to volunteer for at the school is the book fair. I love to watch the kids search for a good book to spend their hard earned money on (or my hard earned money on.) While I work there, I always peruse the books and find some great ones to make our own. This year, I found some really terrific books. I thought I would share...

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle by John Skewes - This was the first book that caught my eye. Probably because Seattle is one of our favorite places to visit. Although we used to live near there, after reading this book, I realized, there is a lot of Seattle that both my children and I have not seen. Like The Fremont Troll or The Hammering Man. Next time we visit Seattle, we will search out the famous landmarks that we've missed.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn - Oh how I love this book and the sweet message it gives it's readers. I read this to the kids last night and we loved it. It's about a little raccoon named Chester who is scared to go to school for the first time. His mother shares an old secret with him called The Kissing Hand to help him know how much he is loved. A must read.

Chester by Melanie Watt - Speaking of Chester, this book is hilarious. I found it amusing to find two books with a character named Chester but they couldn't be more different. This book is so darn clever and funny, you'll just have to check it out to see what I mean.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes - I am a sucker for beautiful illustrations. I fell in love with the look of this hard cover beauty. The coziness and colors drew me in. A perfect book to read in the fall.

Crash by Jerry Spinelli - A chapter book that will appeal to boys...and girls...and moms...and dads. We started reading this book aloud as a family last week and it is so funny. It appeals to boys because it has a bit of the potty humor that little boys love (words like poop and butt.) So if you are opposed to those words, then by all means avoid this book. But as we read it, we laugh and laugh and the other day, we even caught Brandon laughing out loud. Finding a book that Ethan loves is hard to do, but he adores this one.

Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine and Kadir Nelson - I had heard some good things about this book and they were right. This true story has a wonderful message and is inspiring. It has beautiful illustrations as well. An absolute MUST READ!

Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo - Every year, I purchase a new Christmas book (or two) to add to our collection. I had no intentions of finding a new favorite this early, but this books beautiful cover pulled me in, and then a simple story of the true Christmas spirit sold me. Again, beautiful illustrations, cozy winter scenes, and a compelling story make this a must own.

Have you found any great children's books to share?