Thursday, August 14, 2008


Jocelyn turns 12 today and she could not be happier to join Young Women's and leave Primary behind. Could.Not.Be.Happier.

I love this girl so much...she just makes me smile, all the time. She is funny, and witty, and feisty, and so gosh darn's scary. I've posted on her birthday before and it is pretty interesting to read about what she was into just one year ago...she's so grown up now, and not into Zac Efron at all way. She's all about Nathan Kress now.

A few of my favorite things about Jocelyn:

1. She tries hard in everything she does.
2. She excels in school (3.96 GPA)
3. She has a desire to learn more and be her best.
4. Her sports coaches love her because she listens and follows directions well.
5. Her golden hair turns a shade of green from summer swimming and she could care less.
6. She is extremely self motivated.
7. She loves to be silly and make other people laugh.
8. She likes to please her parents.
9. She rarely makes bad choices, but she does occasionally show us some attitude.
10. I like the feisty side of her, it helps me know that she won't let people take advantage of her.
11. I love her blue eyes.
12. I love her sweet heart.

Happy Birthday Jocie Bug!