Friday, August 22, 2008

My Mind & Gratitude

I've got so much on my much to blog much to be grateful for.
  • Yesterday's post from C Jane was so special to me...I spent countless minutes last night reviewing some of my favorite Nie posts that just so happen to be other's favorite posts too. I decided to save the links in a word document so that whenever I need a pick me up...I can open up the document and re-visit Stephanie's beautiful life. In turn, I will be reminded to capture my own beautiful life. (click on those 17 links, be inspired!)

(licking cotton candy fingers at the fair)
  • Yesterday I didn't cook or clean. We went to lunch together as a family, I had a much needed visit with a friend for a couple of hours, and then in a spur of the moment decision, we went to the fair for dinner (and to bring Madeline a pair of shoes...she called and said her flip flops broke) and so we ate junk all body is not happy with me ... but it made for a fun day.
  • Something miraculous happens when tragedy strikes. I find myself being a little more patient, a little more loving, a little less grumpy. Tragedy makes me realize that life is fragile, life is too short to live unhappy. What's the point in frowning? Just smile.
  • Brandon will be running his biggest race this weekend. It's his 100 miler. He has taken over my dining room table with all of the supplies for his race. I think it's kind of cute. He will run for 24 hours straight, and that means he will need a lot of nourishment. He has requested that I make him some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat during the night-time hours. I am happy to oblige. I will post about his results on Monday. He's still my hero.
  • We will let off our balloons tomorrow at 5pm, and we would love to share that moment with you...would you like to join us?

What's on your mind today?
What are you grateful for?