Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We've had some fun family home evenings, but last night's boating with cousins had to be the funnest. Pictures to prove it...

These next three pictures represent what the kids call water war games. As if riding behind a boat going 2o miles an hour isn't fun enough, the boys upped the ante and tried to sandwich each other, or pull each other off the tube or jump from tube to tube. Oh yeah, and Brandon got in on the water war games action too.

The beautiful Snake River was 72 degrees, the air was 87 degrees. It was perfect. We found the perfect beach and roasted hot dogs, we chatted and played in the water. The only drawback to the beach we chose was an infestation of grasshoppers. Literally, an infestation. Hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of grasshoppers. Gross. But we still had the funnest FHE.