Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair Week

In a series of events that I don't care to blog about, it turned out that only Jocelyn is showing a pig at fair. (Which means that we have quite a bit of left over pig if anyone is interested.) Market was yesterday at fair, and that means only the pig was judged. Her pig did well and took 4th in it's class, and was awarded a blue ribbon.

Today Jocelyn will be judged on her showmanship. She should do pretty well, she did a great job yesterday. Today she just needs to focus on smiling and making eye contact with the judge.

****Prayers requested for Kim's family who lost their mother to cancer on Monday, Lisa and Elisabeth who are facing a very tough week, and of course Stephanie and Christian. There is a place to donate money on Nie's blog, and her treatment will be in the millions, so please help if you can. There are other things you can do, check out the sidebar on C Jane's blog.