Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Belated Tags

I've been tagged a couple of times recently and just never got around to doing them, so here goes...

First I was tagged by Noelle. Thank you Noelle.

A Blast from the Past

20 years ago...I was 12. I was a new-ish beehive and I just switched from glasses to contacts. I went to my first Girls Camp and I didn't have the greatest experience because a couple of girls were bullies in my camp. Shame on them. My later experiences at camp were much better, thankfully. I was probably bossing around my brothers that summer and they were probably chasing me with kitchen knives or punching holes in my bedroom door. New Kids on The Block posters were probably hanging on my wall. Shame on me.

(This is definitely not me at 12...I'm probably more like 9, but my mom has all the pictures of me at that time. I need to work on that.)

10 years ago...I was 22. This was a very interesting time for me. We were spending our first summer in Pullman while Brandon was attending WSU and we had only Madeline and Jocelyn at that time...although we just found out that we were expecting again. Madeline was 3, Jocelyn was 2. We were happy, and we loved Pullman.

Aren't they cute? (Madeline & Jocelyn, Summer 1998)

5 years ago...I was 27. We were living here in this little town just down the lane in a tired, manufactured home and we were dreaming of building a new home. Every day I would look out the window to the land that our house now resides on and dream of a new home...and Ethan was probably dressed in a dinosaur costume (despite the heat) heading over to visit Grandma Shirley. Lily was just 1 year old, and she was my little ray of sunshine.

(Ethan, summer 2003)

3 years ago...I was 29. We were spending the first summer in our new home and life was good. I experienced my first Michael Buble concert and was completely hooked and scheming of ways to see him in concert again. We spent some wonderful time at the Oregon Coast with family and created some lifelong memories.

(Cannon Beach, 2005)

1 year ago...I was 31. I was dreading the start of a new school year and dreading the upcoming fair week. Not a whole lot has changed...although I am not dreading the start of school quite as much this year. Last year I was still really struggling with my weight and this year I WILL conquer this weight loss issue.

(August, 2007)

Yesterday...I am sure I was relaxing by a pool at a vacation home near a beautiful lake and listening to great music. I am sure. (no picture...sorry...but I will barrage you with pictures when I get back. I am sure.)

Next I was tagged by Katie, and was instructed to be real is what you get. Thanks Katie.

Photo Tagging

Here are the rules:You have to take pictures of the following things, and you have to do it right away (oops, I fudged on this rule.) No straightening, cleaning or wiping your child's nose.

Favorite Room

My bedroom is my refuge and I love the soft colors...sage, blush, gold, beige.

My Closet

No rhyme or reason, just stuffed in and lots of black and white.

Favorite Shoes

Black wedges

The Kitchen Sink

Danyelle, I promise that I will do the dishes before I go to bed.

The Laundry Room

My children's artwork makes it a bit cheerier!

What's My Kid Doing

Sleeping in the basement after falling asleep while watching Nim's Island.

Face Shot

It's late and I'm tired, so don't judge me.

I tag whomever would like to play along...
You're It!