Monday, July 14, 2008

Grace is Gone

I watched this movie this weekend and enjoyed it immensely. (It is PG-13 so there is some bad language and questionable dialog, although it is minimal. If you watch it with your Clearplay, it would be an excellent PG. By the way, Clearplay machines are sold at Target for approx. $50.00, then you purchase a monthly or yearly membership from the clearplay site where you can download filters. We think it has been worth every penny.)

The soundtrack is heart achingly beautiful and the movie deals with the relationships between a father and his daughters as he struggles to come to grips with losing his wife and how to break the news to his young daughters. John Cusack shines in this role.

This song, written by Clint Eastwood who wrote the entire original score, is sung by Jamie Cullum and is featured at the end of the movie. I fell in love with it.

Be sure to have a box of kleenex handy as you watch this film.

(P.S. I will review the American Idol concert and the fun weekend we had in Portland tomorrow.)