Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American Idol Review

This was our third year in a row to go to Portland for the American Idol concert and this year was excellent. We had so much fun. We came home with some great memories, shopping bags full of clothes for the girls (their blueberry money is paying off!), and an 11 year old smitten with a certain David Archuleta.

During the concert, I realized that my camera wasn't going to capture very good pictures (it is definitely time for a better camera) so instead I captured some video with my camera. I thought I would share a few of my favorite clips...keep in mind, these are just snippets of songs, and the quality is nothing to brag about...but you can get an idea of the excitement in the arena.

Four performers really WOWED me, they were...

1. Michael Johns - It's All Wrong but It's All Right

I loved this performance when I first saw it on TV, but live, it was even better! Each one of his three songs were great, I could have listened to him all night.

2. Brooke White - 1234

She also performed "Let It Be" at the piano as well as a really great version of Coldplay's "Yellow" which she also played the piano on. She was my favorite performer because I just really love her laid back style. I am really looking forward to an album from her someday.

3. David Archuleta - Apologize

Oh my goodness, if you could have been there and heard the ear-piercing screams that emanated from all of the teenage girls in the would think it was Beatlemania all over again. It was CRAZY! And although Archuleta wasn't all that great when it came to speaking to the audience, that boy can sing. He also performed Josh Groban's "When You Say You Love Me" and the version of "Stand By Me" where he breaks into Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls." When he sang that...all of the beautiful little girls really went crazy crazy crazy. Including Jocelyn.

4. David Cook - Hello

The sound on this clip isn't great but, this was my favorite performance from THE American Idol. I wasn't much of a fan throughout the season, but he WOWED me with his stage presence and his great connection with the audience. He was actually quite charming and humble and he looked like a seasoned pro on that stage. I was impressed...and that kid can ROCK!

He performed his new single "The Time of My life", Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" which was awesome, "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters, and Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

It was a great concert, so much fun with my mom and my girls and it was even an added bonus to turn around and see some family behind us. Debie took some amazing pictures (What kind of camera do you have Debie?) We will be back next year for sure and hopefully Nan will join us and we'll probably take Lily next year as well. She felt a little left out this year, but thankfully Danyelle offered to let her stay there with Abby and she had fun. Thanks so much Danyelle.

P.S. I am in need of about 50-75 empty, small, glass, baby food jars for my ward 24th celebration. If you have any or could save some for me, please let me know...I would be happy to pick them me at Thanks so much!