Monday, June 30, 2008


  • So after 3 years and 5 months, my time in Primary is over. I was released a week ago and it feels weird not to be in Primary anymore. It is so hard to give something more than three years of your life and then just move on. But that's the way it works. I will miss interacting with the kids every week, but hopefully I'll still get some hugs on Sunday's.
  • I'm excited about my new calling. Ward Activities Chairman. Our ward has a lot of activities...almost there will be lots of opportunities for creative thinking and I'm looking forward to the challenge. We have two activities in July already planned. Yay for new callings!
  • I also had the opportunity to go to Girl's Camp last week and oh how grateful I am that I was able to go. Both Madeline and Jocelyn were there and it was awesome to spend time with them in the mountains and to watch them interact with their leaders and friends. I felt so uplifted, and inspired and there were several talks that I can't get out of my head. That is a good thing. The opportunity to focus on being spiritually fed with no modern conveniences to interrupt was a true blessing. The crafts turned out pretty good and it was fun to work with the young women...I hope I get the opportunity to go again next year.
  • Blueberry harvest is well underway now and my kids are taking on a little blueberry selling business of their own. Starting this morning they are picking, packing and selling blueberries, so if you are interested...e-mail me (lomaril at aol dot com) and we can take your order and even deliver the berries to your home. These are delicious, humongous, fresh picked, organic blueberries.
  • Because summer is in full swing, and we have a lot of work and fun and learning planned, my blogging will be extremely sporadic. I plan on spending some real quality time with my most precious assets, my beautiful children.