Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modest Swimsuit Source

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Here is an updated modest swimsuit directory:
click here.

I feel guilt. After reading this post, I felt bad that I've been keeping an awesome source for modest swimsuits all to myself. Over the last two years, it has been a struggle to find a modest, one piece swimsuit for Madeline. She, of course, wants one that is stylish and cute, and so I scoured the web for a good source. I found one. Swimoutlet.com. Check it out!

This was the suit Madeline picked out last year...

And this is the suit she picked out this year. Cute, stylish, modest! Both suits cost us $24.95 each, including shipping! They are great quality, great fit.

The trick is to look for competition style suits, because then they are modest. Take your child's measurements to figure out the size she will need. You kind of have to look through a lot of ugly suits to find the cute ones, but it has worked for us two years in a row!

Happy Modest Swimsuit Shopping!