Thursday, June 12, 2008

Listening and Loving

My favorite thing about having an iPod, is that with the click of the wheel I can listen to whatever I feel like, on any given day. It totally rocks...or soothes...or inspires. Whichever I prefer.

Here are the top 11 (cause I can't just pick ten) artists I've been listening to...

1. Loose Ends EP - Rachael Yamagata. A while back I posted about how excited I was for the release of her new album, and I shared a link to this video. Well, unfortunately, there has been some major delays in releasing that album, and so I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. She should be releasing her new album sometime soon, but in the meantime she released this 3 song EP, for her fans. And I love it. And it is only available here. And this album teaser video and EP only makes me more and more anxious for her new full length album.

2. High Society - The Silver Seas. Really love this band, and if you haven't listened to them just must.

3. Starry Gazey Pie - The Bees. This is The Silver Seas before they changed their name. For my birthday, Mitch burned me this album and I love it, especially track 4, "Message From The Birds." Listen here. Thanks Mitch.

4. All Things Coldplay. I made myself a playlist of every Coldplay song and have been prepping myself for their new album which comes out in 5 days. Of course, Viva la Vida has been getting the most playtime, like about...57 times. Yeah, I like that song. Preview the album here. It will be an amazing album.

5. Kate Walsh. I made a playlist with both of her complete albums. Her voice is so very lovely. I can listen to her ALL DAY. You can listen to her here.

6. Joshua Radin. I love his breathy voice. His most recent release is an EP featuring a duet with Ingrid Michaelson. Listen here.

7. Jason Mraz. Love love love his new album. Listen here.

8. Jon Foreman. Brilliant. He released four EP's in the course of a year. One titled Fall, then Winter, then Spring, and finally Summer. Each one feels very seasonal, and unique. The newest one, Summer, just released this week. I love the song "A Mirror is Harder to Hold." Listen here.

9. Amy MacDonald. Scottish rocker. I love her thick accent, and her guitar work. Beautiful. Listen here.

10. Matthew Barber. Singer/songwriter. Talented. Love his new album. My favorite songs of his are "Easily Bruised" and "And You Give." Listen here.

11. Missy Higgins. Another foreigner with an awesome accent. This time Australian. I've talked about her before, but I'm at the point with her music that I can't find a song I don't like. My favorites are "Dusty Road", "100 Round the Bends", and "Sugarcane." Listen here.

What have you been listening to and loving?