Monday, June 2, 2008

The List

In my kitchen, hangs this boring dry-erase board. During weeks like this one, it pretty much saves my life. I am pretty sure that this week will not offer me much time for blogging again, because, well, I've got a LIST of things to do this week that will keep me as busy as a bee...

  • Workout at least three days this week, four or five workouts would be awesome
  • Study my scriptures daily with the help of this book, thanks Lindsay, for the tip
  • Plan this Sunday's sharing time
  • Color copies for Tonja
  • Work on Girl's Camp stuff
  • Ship several packages
  • Return movies
  • Clean and organize the office (I'm completely delirious if I think this will actually get done)
  • Take a load of clothing to the dry cleaners
  • Drop one load of clothes off to nieces
  • Write thank you's
  • Write letter to Garrett
  • Make CD's
  • Pick up ink cartridges
  • Take a load of junk/treasure? to Goodwill
  • I need to take Madeline clothes shopping, she is growing so very fast, too fast...
  • Jocelyn has two softball games this week
  • We have one 4-h meeting
  • I'm sure something needs to be done with the pigs, I just don't know what it is yet...
  • School board meeting tonight
  • Baccalaureate tomorrow night
  • Ethan has cub scouts on Thursday
  • Stake Girls Camp meeting on Thursday
  • Lily's Fairy Tale play on Friday
  • Graduation Friday night
  • Quarterly Enrichment Saturday 9-12:30 (Mother/Daughter)
  • Dishes, dishes, dishes
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry
  • Try to adapt to these braces that are driving me to the edge of insanity
  • Work on enjoying every day with my precious family!
See you all when I get this list completed!