Monday, June 9, 2008

Latest News

A little update on what's new at our house...

Brandon's latest race was on May 31st and this time he took one of his priests, Clay, with him to run. This race was a 100k (62 miles.) The longest Clay had ever run was 20 miles, so we were pretty sure he wouldn't be able to finish. But he amazed us all and finished the race in 14 hours and 51 minutes. Brandon finished in 12 hours and 4 minutes. They're both studs in my book. Clay graduated on Friday along with 6 other kids in our ward, and we enjoyed all the graduation festivities this weekend. Tons of fun!

Madeline ran for ASB Secretary this year. There was much less drama than last year when she ran for office, and this time she won. So say hello to the new ASB secretary (and some of her friends.)

Jocelyn is doing very well in school, on her last report card she had a 3.96 GPA. She also is playing softball and her team is undefeated so far. At her last game, she hit an awesome line drive down the third base line that went way into the outfield and got a triple out of it. She was so excited, and so were we.

Ethan was asked to present an award at our school board meeting and it was a great opportunity for him to act like a respectable young man. He was nervous that he wouldn't remember what he was supposed to say, but he did a great job and had a perma grin the entire time. I wish I had brought my camera, but I forgot it. He pretty much looked like this picture. So cute.

Lily is almost done with kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. She only has two more days of school, then this fall she will be a full time 1st grader. I have so cherished this year. Watching her learn to read, learn to ride a bike, learn to tie her shoes. A lot of firsts. I really love the girl she has become, and I will miss our daily walks to the bus stop, and our kisses goodbye, and our waves to each other as the bus drives away. Okay, I've gotta stop now or there's gonna be tears.

I love my little family and all of the milestones and activities that go along with being a wife and mother. Nothing makes me happier than these five people. Nothing.