Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mothers

With all of the beautiful Mother's Day tributes floating around blog land, I've been thinking mightily about the mothers in my life...these are my thoughts about the wonderful women in my life.

My Mother - It is because of her love and friendship that I am who I am today. She is the person I talk to most often other than my husband. She has been more like a best friend than a mother for many years now. She is beautiful, and the most amazing grandmother. Seriously, she asks me when I am going to go away with Brandon so that she can keep the kids for a few days. (And thanks to her, Brandon and I are going away this weekend.) I am blessed to have her, and I love her so much.

My Mother in law - This woman is a force to be reckoned with. She is the hardest working woman I've ever known. She is a whirlwind, and I admire her so much. Although she is tough and hard working, she is also soft and kind, and I have never heard her speak unkindly of anyone. My children have learned so much from working along side her, and I am grateful to live so close to her. She does much to help me and my family, and I love her.

My Grandma Charlene - She instilled in me a love for music. She is my mother's mother and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend good amounts of time with her during spring, summer and Christmas breaks. She played beautiful music in her home every day, and I remember hearing Nat King Cole's velvet voice, and Dean Martin's swinging tunes during my visits. She passed away a few years ago and I miss her so much it hurts.

My Grandma Dorothy - When I was pregnant with Lily, my last child, I was sick and sore and uncomfortable and whiny and I began to feel an overwhelming sense of admiration for my paternal grandmother. She did hard things. She gave birth to 12 children, number 11 and 12 were twins (#12 was my dad.) She had multiple miscarriages and buried her daughter Marilyn (my namesake) who passed away at the age of 9 from rheumatic fever. She did hard things, yet she was always happy and lovely, and she had little ditties and songs that made her the most pleasant of grandmothers to be around. She truly left a legacy. (Unfortunately, I have no digital pictures of her, and that is something I need to pay some attention to.)

My Grandma-in-law Ernestine - She is a wonderful woman who lives a truly Christlike life. She wakes up each morning and prayerfully chooses someone to do something nice for. She recently had a serious accident which has left her unable to perform her daily good deeds, and I know this has been hard for her. I have been the recipient of her kind deeds many times, and it always makes me feel so special. As soon as she has fully recovered, I know she will be serving those around her again.

My Grandma-in-law Gloria - Although this Grandma lives a state away, she never misses one of my children's birthdays. She sends them a special package and a letter and picks out the perfect gifts for my kids. She even goes the extra mile and includes a little gift for each of the un-birthday children so that no one feels left out. My kids adore her and so do I.

Besides these beautiful women who have taught me, I have sisters in law, aunts, cousins, and friends who constantly inspire me to be a better mother. This calling I have as a mother is the most sacred, rewarding, challenging and worthwhile way that I can spend my life. I am truly blessed.

I hope each of you has a blessed Mother's Day!