Monday, May 5, 2008

Intro to a fun week...

This last weekend started a week filled with fun for me. My birthday is this week and with Mother's day this weekend, I'm just going to celebrate all week long...And why not?

Danyelle hosted a fun little birthday get together Saturday night with a few friends and it was exactly what I needed. A chance to visit and have fun with women. Thank you!

My mom prepared my birthday meal yesterday, and it was TO DIE FOR! Ropa Vieja with curry rice, homemade three bean salad, coleslaw and strawberry shortcake. It was the best meal I've had in ages.

I'll be enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinners with family and friends the next few days, and a weekend away with Brandon later this week. Birthday weeks are just so much fun.

Here are a few Etsy treats that I'm dreaming of...

1. Clutch by dalinda 2. Crocheted hoops by TaniaNovaCrochet 3. Lotus earrings by foundling 4. Vanilla necklace by marieflyfly

P.S. This fun week will also include a giveaway, Stay tuned!