Friday, May 16, 2008


Yesterday I got my hair cut. I went in and told Megan to do whatever she wanted. I needed a change. Here's what she did...

I love it.

This week Jocelyn had braces put on, she chose the green and gold colors. On Monday, I will get braces on. Yep, go ahead and call me brace face, metal mouth, whatever you want. I can't wait to get rid of these buck teeth!

Since I started this weight loss journey a month ago, I've lost 11 pounds and I just feel so much better. I am learning now how to make real and lasting changes in my life, and it is so exciting.

The weather has made a drastic change and the mercury is expected to hit somewhere around 100 degrees tomorrow. That means we will hang by the pool and soak up the sun. I am looking forward to that!

Enjoy your weekend!