Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank you's & Thinking

First of all, I have to thank all of you for the amazing and uplifting support you all have given me as I embark on this journey called weight loss. I feel a strong desire to make a difference this time and I know that your cheers will help me stick to it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I've been seeing more and more about making a difference in our world these days, and it really makes me think, a lot, about the way we live, the things we take for granted, and the changes we can easily make in our own lives. Kristin A. shared this link and I watched the 20 minute movie about consumption. It is making me think really hard about the way I live my life, and making me want to change some things. I have too much stuff. After you watch the movie, read this list of 10 ways you can make a difference.

Help end world hunger

Another thing that we have been enjoying at our household is FreeRice. It's an amazingly simple idea to help with the hunger and poverty problem in our world. And it's fun, and helps increase your vocabulary. It's better than any other game out there, because as you play it, you see how many grains of rice you have donated to the hungry, simply by playing the game. Jocelyn and me are having a blast increasing our vocabulary.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!