Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I listened and loved.

Those 30-plus hours of driving often meant everyone was sleeping and I was driving. The one sure thing that keeps me awake and alert while driving is listening to music. I made sure before I left to download a batch of fresh, new music to fall in love with. And fall in love I did.

Here's what tickled my ears as I drove and drove and drove...

  • A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz. Check out his latest EP project called We Sing. All four songs are worth the money. Jason and his guitar = lovely music.
  • I Should Have Known Better by She & Him. Love this album and it's quirkiness.
  • The Water Jet Cilice by Andrew Bird. I fell in love with this song as I drove.
  • Captured by Bic Runga. Actually my favorite Bic Runga song is called "When I See You Smile." Go check it out on iTunes.
  • Share by Leerone. I love this ladies voice. Check out "Life Could Be", "All is Well", and "Empty Houses."
  • Cancel the Day by The Easy Tigers. Also love "Eternal Sunshine", "My Boy is Coming Home", and "Look at Me Now."
  • For Emma by Bon Iver. I listened and loved "Skinny Love", "Flume", and "Re: Stacks."