Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great Things

Great things from the past 24 hours...

  • the #6 track on the Rainy Days & Mondays playlist, is now available free at iTunes this week. "Madly" is a great tune, sung by a great musician, Tristan Prettyman. And it's free. Her new album is also available on iTunes, and it's a great deal. 13 songs, $5.99.

  • for the Spring Swap, I was given Stephmodo's name to send a Springy package to. She was fun to shop for, because she has great style. As a thank you, she sent me this handmade card and pretty notecards, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you Stephanie.

  • Alicia, my cousin whom I adore, showed some major guts when she posted about her disdain for word verification. Oh, how I despise word verification. Thank you Alicia, you really do complete me.

  • Yesterday, as I was visiting Sarah's blog, she had a song playing that I fell in love with. So, I used some iTunes gift cards I'd been given to download Sandrine's entire album. It is a lovely album. Thanks Sarah.

  • Over at The Jet Set, I discovered this link. It was just what I needed to read after watching the news and becoming disturbed by the media coverage these polygamy news stories are getting.

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