Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Country Life

Out in these parts, practically everyone raises pigs and takes them to fair. Well, Brandon and I have resisted and resisted. But, holding a firm line is hard when you have two, persistent, pre-teen, daughters who just want to be like everyone else, and who would give up just about anything to be able to attend fair for an entire week in August with their friends. So...we gave in. We gave up the fight, and now, we are the proud (read: resentful) owners of 4 pigs.

Sure, they're slightly adorable now, when they are small, and don't eat very much. But soon, they will be huge and they will eat a ton, and when a pig eats a ton...well...you know...that means there is a lot of waste to clean up...and smell. I'm sure looking forward to that!

But luckily, we have my mother in law, who lives for this kind of farm life, who will help us and train the kids on how to raise a pig. Nan, maybe you want to give us a few pointers too?

Blogger isn't cooperating right now, so I can't post any pictures, but here's a video of the kids and grandma trying to capture a pig to give it medicine.

Warning: This video contains annoying pig squeals, I mean, REALLY annoying! Oh and it also contains two younger children who can't stand to see an animal possibly suffering.