Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Links

Here are some links that I've found in the last week or so that made my day, or that I found very interesting, or tugged at my heartstrings...

Lovely Lindsay has an aunt who blogs, her name is Amy, and I have yet to meet her, but recently she posted a video that I really can't stop thinking about...

Here's a news story I saw recently that was so interesting, I had to share it with you.

On Susan's Freshly Picked blog, she linked to a beautiful photography site. From there you can link to a memorial page for the photographers little girl who has passed away last year. If you need a good cry, a touching memorial, then visit this beautiful site...It will make you hold on to your children a little tighter tonight.

Have you heard of the craft fairy? I discovered this blog a while ago, and it is just so intriguing. Someone sends little kisses (gifts) to deserving people. This idea just tickles my fancy.

Kim started a great discussion about having "The Talk" with your kids, and there are lots of good tips and ideas and thoughts that have been shared.

My cousin Donald married an amazing woman, Lisa, who I am getting to know better through the wonderful world of blogging. I admire her so much and think about her daily and how she handles the trials in her life with grace, and diginity and love. They have three beautiful daughters and their baby Elisabeth was born with challenges, but Lisa and Donald have shown nothing but strength. Posts like this one, help strengthen me.

If you like, you can leave me a link in the comments of something interesting or lovely that you've read recently...

Have a Wonderful Weekend!