Friday, February 8, 2008

One thing I know for sure... that reaching out to others is the way to have true happiness. I have been thinking about this post for some time. I really want to say it right, without sounding preachy or self-righteous. Because there is a lot I don't know. But this one thing I know for sure. Doing good for others makes you happy. When you are feeling down, think of someone else and what you might be able to do for them, and I promise, you will feel better about yourself.

It is simple really. Some call it paying it forward. Others call it random acts of kindness. It can be called charity. Or service. Whatever you call it, it really does make you feel joy and happiness. Like nothing else will.

Let me go back and explain why this has been on my mind. At the end of last year, I was doing sharing time in Primary (teaching the children of our church), and we were talking about making goals for the new year. I told the children that one of my goals for the new year was to do something kind for someone every day. I have been working on this, and although some days it is something very little, a smile, a compliment, an is working. I feel happier than ever before.

Another reason this has been on my mind is that Brandon's grandmother, who lives a few houses down from us, recently had an accident in which she shattered the bone in her arm. She has been laid up for a month or so. Before her accident, she lived this principle every day. She would wake up every single day and think of someone who she could do something for. And she would do it. Several times, I have been the recipient of her sweet efforts. It always made my day.

Now that she has been in this accident, she is unable to do what she used to do. I know this is hard for her. I feel as though, the best thing I can do to honor her, is to learn from her example. I am trying to live this way as well, some days I'm not great at it. Life seems to get in the way. But I am trying.

Whenever I see someone feeling down or like life is tough, I want to say, "Go do something for someone, and see if it helps." I recently had a situation where I was unhappy with someone. I felt a bit betrayed. I spent a couple of days feeling sorry for myself, and then I realized that the best way to feel better about this person would be to show them kindness. So I did. Those negative feelings I had before, were gone. Completely gone.

If you are looking for a miracle cure for happiness, this is it!

Pay It Forward!