Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This post will be long. I've got a lot to say today. The bloggers luncheon was SO much fun. The theme was a new year. A chinese new year. A new blogging year. I am only posting one picture, Danyelle will post lots more. Lee Ann took the pictures and she did a totally awesome job. Thanks Lee Ann.

I loved seeing each one of you who came, I loved planning every detail of the party, I loved celebrating the gift of blogging which has helped me develop friendships I never would have developed otherwise. Some of you I still need to get to know better, we are new friends, so to speak, and I look forward to that. I just loved it, and can't wait to do it again.

I made a cd for each guest, but as I was driving home, I realized that I forgot to include a written playlist to go with the cd, so here it is...with commentary, please forgive me.

1. My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) - Regina Spektor. A great way to start the mix, love the lyrics, love her voice. Love a new year.
2. You and Me - Rosie Thomas. Absolutely gorgeous song with gorgeous lyrics.
3. Unfamiliar Faces - Matt Costa.
4. Your Song - Kate Walsh. Lovely Lindsay introduced me to this artist, thank you Lindsay, I am completely entranced by her voice.
5. Gold in Them Hills - Ron Sexsmith. This one is going to be long. This is my new favorite song, it's playing at the top of my playlist today. Listen to it. It is the most beautiful song, it has the most hopeful, inspiring lyrics, it could practically be a hymn...

I know it doesn't seem that way
But maybe it's the perfect day
Even though the bills are piling
Maybe Lady Luck ain't smiling

But if we'd only open our eyes
We'd see the blessings in disguise
That all the rain clouds are fountains
Though our troubles seem like mountains

There's gold in them hills
There's gold in them hills
So don't lose heart
Give the day a chance to start

Every now and then life says
Where do you think you're going so fast
We're apt to think it cruel but sometimes
It's a case of cruel to be kind

And if we'd get up off our knees
Well then we'd see the forest for the trees
And we'd see the new sun rising
Over the hills and horizon

There's gold in them hills
There's gold in them hills
So don't lose faith
Give the world a chance to say...

A word or two, my friend
There's no telling how the day might end
And we'll never know until we see
That there's gold in them hills

There's gold in them hills
So don't lose heart
Give the day a chance to start
There's gold in them hills...
There's gold in them hills...

Isn't that gorgeous? The trick to this life is to realize that amidst our trials, there are blessings to be found. We grow in adversity. I LOVE THIS SONG! Now back to the playlist...
6. Contradicting Words - Jessie Baylin. Really love this girl. A lot.
7. Come In From The Cold - Marc Broussard.
8. Wonderful - Josh Rouse. Love the fun little bossa nova beat.
9. Too Long - Yael Naim. I probably should have put her more famous song "New Soul" on here but I kind of thought you all might already have it, with it's popularity these days.
10. Ballad for My One True Love - Mason Jennings. Just divine.
11. Indiana - Jon McLoughlin. He is amazing, in every way a musician can be.
12. The Greatest - Cat Power.
13. I Sing I Swim - Seabear. Danyelle's favorite song on the mix.
14. Today - Joshua James.
15. We Winter Wrens - Dolorean. Because it's winter.
16. Speak Easy - Maria Taylor. You're welcome Tiffani.
17. Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine. I'm a new fan of this group.
18. The Luckiest - Ben Folds. Because I am the luckiest for getting to know all of you.

(P.S.) I will be reviewing a couple of brand spankin' new releases tomorrow!