Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Madeline broke away from the family celebration on Saturday to attend a friends birthday party. It was a Miss Teen USA Murder Mystery party and Madeline was assigned to be Miss Amy Arizona. She found out once she arrived that SHE was the murderer. She had a blast.

Ethan was Taylor's little shadow all weekend long. Thankfully, Taylor is extremely patient and doesn't mind at all that Ethan has to be constantly by his side. Every time I turned around Ethan was climbing on Taylor's back or grabbing onto his legs.

For Christmas I was given Photoshop Elements and it has taken me a while to learn how to use it. I still have a TON to learn, and it is more complicated than I thought, but I finally figured out how to make a photo collage like this...

(I redid the collage for this Etsy post.)

I hope you had a great weekend as well, and are surviving this extremely chilly weather!