Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some things...

I'm not sure why I can't seem to create a post on one specific topic, but I can't. Today's post is gonna be all.over.the.place!
  • This second day of big yummy snowflakes is making me insanely happy. At this very moment, Brandon is snowshoeing on a nearby mountain, and I am looking out at the white landscape from my cozy abode. To each his own.

  • That project from a few days ago, is finished. I suspect that many of you thought I was working on a scrapbook. Not exactly. I don't really scrapbook, I make cards. But, once every year, (for the last 8 years), I have put together a calendar for my loved ones (mainly grandmas). It is pretty much scrapbooking, without specific journaling. I enjoy it, but that is definitely the extent of my "scrapbooking." Here are a few pages of the final project...






(December, this scan got cut off a bit, but this is my favorite page from the calendar. I love the way it turned out and I think Madeline portrayed Mary beautifully.)

  • Music...I really want to post about music, but honestly, the only thing I have been listening to is a playlist very similar to the one featured here at Passionista. Yesterday Karen commented that she was in love with this music. And Karen, thank you. That made my day, because I am in love with it too, and I can't seem to switch my iPod to anything else. Because Karen made my day, she will receive 2 cd's full of my favorite music OF ALL TIME! Seriously, aren't you in love with this music too?

  • Some of you may have noticed that I've removed the blogroll from my sidebar. It was getting insanely long and the more blogs I fall in love with, the longer it gets, so I just removed it altogether. I replaced it with some of my favorite and most inspiring spots to visit!

  • Speaking of inspiring. A new Etsy board will be up this Friday, and I am really excited about this one. It will feature an item or two from you know who!

  • I joined Ladies Workout Express at the start of December and I love it. A fast, fun, sweaty workout. If you want to join there, please drop my name. If three people join because I referred them, I can work out for free forever there. FOREVER!

Enjoy another snowy day!