Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pick & Choose

When purchasing new music, I often pick and choose a few songs to try out rather than purchase an entire album. Because I can. And because I despise buying an entire album only later to find that just one or two songs on it are any good. Sometimes those one or two songs are so good, I'll go back and try out a few more from that artist, sometimes...not so much.

1. Soulmate - Natasha Bedingfield. I love this song from her newest album, "Pocketful of Sunshine." It was just released on Tuesday, but many of the songs sound kind of dance-clubbish and I'm not really into the dance-club scene. My picks from this album are "Soulmate" and "Freckles."

2. Valerie - Amy Winehouse. I've reviewed her stuff before, and I really love her sound. Unfortunately her personal train wreck of a life will most likely affect her career, and to say she is rough around the edges would be a gross understatement, but she is talented, and it's a shame she can't get control of her life. Recently a B-sides collection was released, and my favorite track from that album is "Valerie", I also love her songs "Love is a Losing Game" and "Tears Dry on Their Own".

3. Unfamiliar Faces - Matt Costa. Danyelle actually introduced this artist to all of us bloggers quite some time ago. He has a new album now, and it's not bad. I really like this song "Unfamiliar Faces" and also "Heart of Stone." He has some other great songs on his previous albums like "Astair", "Cold December", and "These Arms."

4. Sad Eyes - Josh Rouse. I really love this guys voice. I have a few of his songs from different albums. Here's a rundown of my favorites from Josh. "Start Again", "Sweetie", "Saturday", and "Wonderful."

5. These Streets - Paolo Nutini. I've mentioned him before as well. I love his rich, gritty, gravelly, soulful voice. Can't get enough of it. His album is worth revisiting again and again. This entire album is great, but if I'm picking and choosing today, my picks would be "These Streets", "Rewind", "Million Faces", and "Loving You."

6. The Greatest - Cat Power. The artist is Chan Marshall and sings under the title Cat Power. I first fell in love with her voice when I saw this t.v. ad a couple of Christmases ago. I don't love all of her music, but oh, how I wish she would record and sell the song from this ad. Other songs to check out are "Where is My Love", "Sea of Love" and "Lived in Bars."

(Be sure to pause the playlist above, so you can listen to this GORGEOUS song!)

7. She's Mine - Brett Dennen. This song is so catchy and fun to listen to. I also really like "Ain't No Reason" and "There is So Much More."

8. Rising Sun - Marc Broussard. His strong, bluesy voice is so beautiful. Love it! Love it! Love it! He has other great songs too. I love "Come In from the Cold", "Bring it On Home to Me", and "Where You Are."

9. Love - Matt White. Great song, as well as his more popular "Best Days."

10. Sundress - Ben Kweller. Lily and me love to sing along with this song in the car, the chorus is upbeat and repetitive..."I do everything you want me to" over and over. Check out "Falling" and "Thirteen."

I love the fact that I can preview a song before I buy it, and that I don't have to purchase an entire album. I love the fact that I get to pick and choose which songs I want to own. I love this digital age of music.