Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday Marshall!

Marshall was a New Years Eve baby, so every New Years he acts as though the fireworks, hoopla and dressed up people are all about him and the celebration of his day of birth. Maybe it is all about him. After all, he is a pretty great person.

Here's a few things that make him so great:

  • He is a funny guy. He makes me laugh every time I talk to him. EVERY TIME! Lately his thing is to call me and speak really fast and fluent spanish for like 5 minutes and try to trick me into thinking that it's not really him. The trick is getting kind of old though now, so I ALWAYS know it's I totally have caller id!

  • Nobody watches more sports coverage than Marshall. Nobody. Some people might think that makes him less than great, but I beg to differ. He is passionate...kind of like moi!

  • He is 6 foot 5. Well, do you have a 6'5" brother? I didn't think so.

  • He adores his wife and daughters. And he should. They are amongst the most beautiful people on planet earth. Just wait, they'll be in People magazine someday. They really are just as beautiful on the inside too.

  • He is a (drumroll please) DOCTOR! And he wants all the people who don't classify Chiropractors as doctors to know that they are idiots. He really does enjoy helping people get well. He is a good doctor.

  • He makes fun of me. Yeah, that still makes him great. It is because of his (and Mitch's) mockery that I am so tough and thick skinned. I owe it all to him (and Mitch.) Plant Pizza Pizza.

  • He can get away with just about any kind of tomfoolery and somehow never be punished. It's what I call, "The Baby of the Family Phenomenon". Case in point: wrecking mom's honda, the oregon coast golf cart incident (there is even photo evidence of that one), chasing the catholic neighbors with a knife because they said we weren't Christians. See what I mean? He's invincible!

Really, Marshall is an awesome brother and I love him and miss him so very much. Arizona residents should be very proud to have him practicing in their vicinity. I'd pay an arm and a leg to have him practice here (if I got a family discount).

Happy Birthday Marsh!