Monday, January 14, 2008

A few little things...

* Our Seattle trip was great, it's always good to get away for a short trip and just be the two of us again. The kids had tons of fun with their grandparents, which makes the trip even more great. We had dinner with friends and that was perfect, thanks Kemy and Chris. Brandon ran a race (31 miles) while I shopped at my favorite store, and that was definitely perfect.

Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids and for enjoying it so much. We love you.

(At The Cheesecake Factory)

(Brandon's feet after running 31 miles on muddy Seattle trails)

* This is a BIG week for us. Only three more days until Taylor comes home from his mission. Thursday night we will finally get to hear all about his experiences in Mozambique. Ethan says he will cry tears of joy. I'm sure we all will. We can hardly stand the waiting.

* I finally have great new music to post about. Tomorrow. Today will be the last day for this playlist (for a while anyways), but if that breaks your heart, you can still listen to it (or any of my playlists for that matter) if you click here. This particular playlist is called "Vintage Jazz".

Enjoy today!