Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Favorite New Music Purchases

Whew! It is good to be back to blogging about music. I missed it. There hasn't been a ton of great new music to talk about, plus I've really been enamored with my vintage playlist. Oooh, how I love that music. But, I've got some really nifty tunes to share today. All of the songs featured are in today's playlist.

I decided to give you a top ten list (David Letterman style) of some of my favorite recent purchases...and they are...

#10. So Close by Jon McLaughlin - This is from the movie "Enchanted" which I absolutely adored with every fiber of my being. Saw it twice, and I will rush to buy it the day it releases to DVD. It was genius (in my humble opinion), and the ballroom scene where Jon sings this song captured my heart. Swoon. Go here to read an awesome movie review. My girls and I love the entire soundtrack and Lily will not clean her room without the "Happy Working Song" playing.

#9. New Soul by Yael Naim - You're welcome Danyelle. Late last night I figured out how to FINALLY buy this song, along with some other great songs by this talented French/Israeli artist. Danyelle called me a few days before Christmas and said I HAD to rush home and listen to this awesome song. She was absolutely right, this is one of those songs that makes you instantly happy. Love it so much. But until last night, I could not figure out how to get a hold of this song. Then somehow, I stumbled upon it in iTunes Plus. It's only 99 cents and it is totally worth every penny. Also check out the songs "Too Long", "Far Far", "Lonely", "Levater", and "Paris." And watch this video.

#8. Taking Chances by Celine Dion - I know this may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but I don't hate Celine Dion. I actually think she's a pretty decent singer. And I really like this new single of hers. A lot. But even better than this song is track #9, "A Song For You". Holy cow, that is a beautiful song, and I am a sucker for beautiful songs. You must go listen to it at iTunes.

#7. Ok, It's Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson - This is a rather new singer/songwriter that has a pretty groovy sounding vibe. Fun music. Unique voice. Also check out the songs "Back To Where I Was" and "You've Got You."

#6. Apologize by One Republic - I fell in love with this song when Danny and Anya danced to it on last seasons So You Think You Can Dance. Since then, One Republic has released a full length album and it's a pretty good effort. These songs help make the album a great buy, "Stop and Stare", "Prodigal", "All Fall Down", "Come Home" and "Won't Stop".

#5. Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin - I like this guy a lot. He writes all his own songs and he plays his own piano. He's very very talented and very easy on the eyes as well. His debut album was released last April and I like every song on it (except one.) So, he's not perfect, but he's pretty darn good. Favorites from his album... "Human", "Perfect", "For You From Me", "Indiana", and "Just Give It Time."

#4. American Hearts by A.A. Bondy - Mitch, are you out there? Reading this? Have you heard of this band? I think you would like them. They have that awesome sound where you can hear the fingers sliding on the guitar, man I love that. Although I really like this album and each of the songs on it, I should warn that it is kind of dark and cynical, and not very uplifting. But oh how it has beautiful guitar sounds, especially on these songs..."There's a Reason", "How Will You Meet Your End", and "Rapture (Sweet Rapture)".

#3. Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley - Although I like this song and the songs "I Never" and "The Angels Hung Around", she definitely has some songs that are not worth your money. But these ones are good. Really good.

#2. Sweet Pea by Amos Lee - This song is over a year old, but I like it so much, I wanted to make sure you all know about it. I love Amos's voice, and he knows how to use it so well. "Arms Of A Woman" and "Freedom" are the kinds of songs where you can really appreciate his velvety voice.

#1. Rosie Thomas - She is my favorite new find. Her voice is something so special. She's not a new artist, but she's new to me. My favorite song by her is seriously one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard. Ever. It is called "You and Me" and I couldn't find a music code for it, so you will just have to go listen to it. Actually, I've yet to find a song of hers that I don't love. Her voice reminds me a little of Shawn Colvin and a lot like Jann Arden. Please check out these other songs..."Kite Song", "It Don't Matter to The Sun", "Say Hello", "Farewell", and "All My Life".

Wow, that was a lot of music to share. I hope you find something in this list that you can love too.

Happy Music Tuesday!