Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Close Call...

Yesterday I received a phone call from Karen who had a few iPod related questions. As I was hanging up the phone and tinkering with my iPod, horror sank into my music loving heart.
It was broken.
It wasn't working properly.
In fact, it was stuck on my favorite MoTab playlist.

I tried everything to get it to work, but to no avail. I was sad for the rest of the day. This is the iPod that has been with me for almost three years. It has been with me to NYC where Michael Buble autographed the back of it, it accompanied me to Dallas and has serenaded me everyday.

The only glimmer of hope was the thought of a new iPod...

But this morning, I plugged the poor, sick, little, music player into my computer to update it, and lo and behold, it's working. Yay!

Tragedy averted.

So to celebrate the wonderment that is a working iPod, lets play a game.
Let's do the iPod shuffle...remember this?
Do you have an iPod?
If so, you can play this game with me. It is called
Do the iPod Shuffle.
It goes like this...

Turn on your iPod.
Go to Shuffle Songs.
Name the first 10 songs that come up.
No skipping! (Especially those you'd rather not admit that are actually on your iPod. That would be cheating.)
You can play this game in my comments, and I'll play it there too.

(Oh, by the way...the bloggers luncheon has 23 RSVP's so far.)