Friday, December 7, 2007

Earrings Etsy

I have a love/hate relationship with earrings. I love to wear them, but I hate the way they make my ears hurt. I used to feel naked without earrings, but as of the last few years wearing them has made my ears feel sore and swollen. Some kind of reaction to the metal.

But recently I decided to give them another try. I put up with the pain for the first few days, and now it's not so bad. Now I have a lot of earring catching up to do! I only own a couple pairs, but there are many pairs I adore on Etsy. Aren't they pretty?

Dangle Please by April Kawaoka

Flirty Verdigris (my personal favorite) by Stamp

Forged Pearl Hoops by Lisa'sLovlies

Little Pearls by lostbuttonstudio

Pink Celine (this artists shop is my favorite to look at, she does a great job of presenting her jewelry) by eliwill

Two Turtle Doves by starrydesigns

Three Stars by brightonmoon

Pantaloon by lake

Simple Hoops in Silver by lostbuttonstudio

Red Square Glass by kpglassjewelry

Vintage New Delhi by starrydesigns

Little Tinies-Red by gemmafactrix

Pretty Little Earrings by damselflycreations

Posey's by gemmafactrix

Copper Petal Drops by gemmafactrix

This would be an attractive and unique way to display earrings...

Folding Jewelry Frame (this can also hang on the wall)

by Morgan Design

Happy Christmas Shopping!