Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tradition #2

For several years now, my mother and I have taken the girls to see The Nutcracker. We love it, I kind of tear up every year when the tree begins to grow and when the snow starts to fall. It is so magical and the music is so powerful. But this tradition may have to come to a screeching halt, at least for my pre-teen girls. You see, their giggly personalities can't seem to handle seeing a grown man in VERY sculpted tights, if ya know what I mean. It was embarrassing to be sitting near the girls as they laughed and snickered and giggled every time the "balleweiner" (according to Brandon this is what a male ballerina is called) turned around.

I was actually quite disappointed (mad) that they couldn't act more grown up and less...tween-ish! So to help them appreciate the privilege of seeing the show, they may have to sit a couple of years out. Madeline and Jocelyn have seen the show 7 times, you'd think it wouldn't be an issue, but, apparently it is.

On a side note, this week is spirit week for the girls and today was crazy hair day...

Have a wonderful (and cold/snowy) day!