Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Nan!

Today is my lovely sister in law's birthday. Here are some things I love about her...
  • She is seriously hilarious.
  • She loves my brother despite all of his deafness, loudness, and opinionated-ness (I think I just made that word up...but he totally is.)
  • She makes the cutest babies EVER!
  • She is so completely down to earth.
  • She is not fussy or complicated.
  • She tells it like it is, and doesn't regret it.
  • She is a very hard worker.
  • She will do anything for anybody.
  • She tells great stories.
  • She knows sign language.
  • She has a fear of buttons, I really do love this about her. I mean, it is one of the things that make her so unique. Plus, what else could we tease her about.
  • When she first met our family, she wasn't much of a chocolate connoisseur, but now she loves chocolate just about as much as we do.
  • However, we have not converted her to peanut butter. She still hates the stuff.
  • She is a friend to everybody, except stupid girls who steal money from her.
  • Family events are so much more fun when she is there, and are much more lame without her.
  • She has a really great family, who all just kind of feel like a part of our family. Isn't that special?
  • She is really tough, like cowgirl kind of tough. Which is why her blog is aptly titled Hick Town.

I love you Nan, and I hope you have a lovely lovely birthday!