Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas Music Tuesday

It's time to talk about Christmas music. Every Tuesday until Christmas I will feature some of my favorite Christmas music, and my Christmas playlist will be here on those days, (and probably everyday in the month of December).

My favorite Christmas album of all time is "Ella Wishes You a Swingin Christmas" by the great Ella Fitzgerald. Now, I've professed my love for Ella before, but her Christmas album deserves more praise. This album contains my very favorite Christmas song along with other great tunes. "The Secret of Christmas", track #13 out of 18 is so beautiful. It is slow and lovely and the message is beautiful.
Here are the lyrics...

It's not the glow you feel
When snow appears
It's not the Christmas card
You've sent for years
Not the joyful sound
When sleigh bells ring
Or the merry songs children sing

The little gift you send
On Christmas day,
Will not bring back the friend
You've turned away,
So may I suggest
The secret of Christmas
Is not the things you do at Christmas time,
But the Christmas things you do
All year through.

Aren't those beautiful lyrics? Well the entire album is lovely and many of the songs are swingin and jazzy like the first song on the playlist today. You can download the album on iTunes for $9.99, you get all 18 songs. It's a good deal.

Enjoy the Christmas music today!