Wednesday, November 14, 2007

6 things...

...I love about Lily...

1. She makes me laugh and smile every single day. Like yesterday when we were watching something on tv and she told me that the girl on tv was wearing something "inappropriate". I told her that she was right, and then I smiled. If you could hear her say "inappropriate", you would smile too.

2. She loves music practically as much as I do, and when she thinks no one is watching, she dances her little heart out.

3. She is very friendly for 6 years old (adults tell me this all the time) and her smile is contagious.

4. She loves shoes practically as much as I do. Grammy Tami takes her shoe shopping for her birthday and here is what she picked out this year...

5. She almost never gets into trouble, really, she is the easiest child in the world to parent. I pray it stays that way.

6. It's been her and me connected at the hip for over three years, and I just love her so so much. She is a sweetheart.

Happy Birthday my little princess!