Monday, October 29, 2007

Warning...It's addictive!

Have you heard of Shelfari? It is a virtual bookshelf where you can keep track of the books you have read, are reading, and want to read. Noelle introduced me to it last week and it is really fun to see what others are reading (she has read a TON of books). I have wanted to be a more serious reader for some time, but I often try reading a book and then am very disappointed and quit before I finish it. Shelfari is a great way to get recommendations through reading reviews and seeing what books others have enjoyed.

I started The Secret Life of Bees last week and so far, I like it. You can check out my bookshelf (it is pretty small, but I plan on working on that) here.

At this point, I feel like anything that might motivate me to read more is a good thing.

P.S. Thank you for all of the lovely comments on my last post, I am so happy that you all want more Etsy. Really happy.

P.P.S. Only 3 days until Christmas music begins. Yay.