Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Harvest

Last night we received a surprise visit from my brother. No, not that one, he's busy being a doctor in sunny Arizona. It was this one. He inquired about when we would have our annual pumpkin carving night. I assured him it was just around the corner and that we wouldn't want to carve them too early or else they wouldn't be fresh for Halloween night. Plus, I haven't even harvested our pumpkins yet. Oops.

So today I harvested our unintentional pumpkin patch and
Holy Toledo!
there was a lot of pumpkins.

35 in fact!
18 orange
17 green

Attention: Mom, Dad, Mitch, Nan, Cam and Jack...
Let the games begin!
(the pumpkin carving games, that is.)

See you Monday night for our annual
FHE taco soup/pumpkin carving