Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pretty Please

Please tell me you have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner each night.

Please tell me that it is near impossible to find something that EVERYONE in your family enjoys.

Please tell me that you have at least one recipe, however, that pleases the palate of each family member.

Please tell me that you will share that(or those) recipes with me.


How about a blogging recipe exchange? Anyone interested? E-mail me if you are. E-mail me your favorite recipe if you're not. ( Please? Lurkers, non-bloggers (you know who you are), people I don't actually know, are all welcome to join in. The more the merrier! Just e-mail me and tell me if you are interested.

Please tell me that you love this song as much as I do. (If you want to find the song on iTunes, it is actually called "A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door". Not sure why someone titled it "Dark Little Sea" on this playlist. Weird.)