Friday, October 26, 2007

Beautiful Etsy

Hopefully you haven't forgotten about Etsy and all the treasures waiting to be discovered there. A couple of months ago, I shared some of my favorites from Etsy, and I would like to share more of my favorites every Friday. With the holidays approaching, I would like to keep Etsy on the minds of those of you who are looking for one of a kind, hand made gifts. Etsy is the place.

Here's some of my favorites this week. Links are below.

Silky Poppy Pins by foundling

Green Satellite Earrings

Paisley Ring by fullofcraft

Screenprinted Moleskin Notebook by Shoofly

Henna Cuff Bracelet by fullofcraft

Hemp Ruffled Skirt by treehouse28

Gold Cuff Bracelet by RouteThirteen

Gingko Plates by Sumiko

Flirty Verdigris Earrings by Stamp

Felicity Gift Wrap by ErinRuth

Circa Ring by foundling

Artichoke Vase by Ursula

Have a beautiful weekend!